New App release - ControlPad Beta


ControlPad uses ViGEm to emulate the Xbox 360 Controller. Read more about this truly remarkable project at If you're not going to use the controller support in ControlPad, you can skip the driver installation, this however, may cause instability.

For best results, ensure you're running Windows 8 or Windows 10. Windows 10 users can typically use the automated installer since your system will likely include PowerShell v5.
If you are running Windows 7 please follow the instructions on ViGEm's setup page

Both ControlPad Server and ControlPad Client are open source under the GPLv2, check them out on GitHub!

1. Download ControlPad Server

This is the application responsible for finding and receiving commands from the mobile app. It requires Windows in order to run.

Download ControlPad Server (Beta)

After downloading, unzip the archive (Right Click > Extract All).

2. Install the Driver

If you're comfortable with the command line, you can install the driver manually with instructions provided here:!

If the installation was unsuccessful (perhaps you don't have PowerShell v5 because you're running an older system), you can install the driver manually by downloading it from ViGEm's archive.

Here is a decent guide on manually installing drivers with pictures (by TP-Link):

3. Run ControlPad Server

Run ControlPadServer.exe, it will find what network you are on and listed on the appropriate IP address. If the address is incorrect, click the dropdown box and select the correct address.

4. Launch the app

Now, simply open the mobile app, select the configuration you would like to use, and it should receive the IP address from the server and allow you to connect.

That's all!

Leave your comments below if you have any troubles. This is the first release, so I expect some bumps in the road, thank you for your support!

-- Loren K